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New Zealand is considered one of the Worlds Greatest Motorcycle Rides. 

Henry Cole, the presenter of the UK TV series The Worlds Greatest  Motorcycle Rides , comments after the filming of the New Zealand episode. “I could write a whole book on this ride and how quite incredible this country  and it’s people have been but, quite simply, New Zealand is, in my view, the greatest motorcycle ride the world has to offer. The people are some of the friendliest and most genuine i have ever met. This has been a life-changing experience.”

The South Island(Click for short video) of New Zealand is where the best riding can be found, although riding in New Zealand is generally fantastic the South Island has the Southern Alps which provide mountain passes and the most amazing scenery, there is also very little traffic out on the roads compared with the North Island, there are just 1 million people in the South and over 3 million in the North, although with 5 million people in the entire country which is roughly the size of the UK, that can't be bad at all.
The North Island (Click for short Video) really is like a different country, the scenery is that of rolling hills, volcanoes and green farm fields. The roads are generally well maintained througout NZ, but of course where there's more traffic there are more road works. The North Island is more cultural and has a lot of history with the Maori people who first settled in New Zealand before the Colonials arrived.
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