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Distance : 186km (one way)

Travel Time : 2h 15min (without stops)
Road : Good Surface, Straight and sweeping corners

This is lovely day ride, from Auckland to Okororire Hot Springs Hotel on the outskirts of Tirau. Its a nice handy distance from Auckland on the motorway (186km) and around 2h 15min depending on traffic around Auckland. There is several route options to travel to Okoriore. The particular route shown in this article is a lovely open road ride for bikers and not the most commonly used route. The roads are sealed and a good surface. Okoroire is popular destination within the biking community as they cater for bikers regarding seating and parking. They also serve affordable pub style meals and lunches with the normal pub type beverages. Its is a beautiful destination located in the countryside with a fresh rural setting.

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 The only way to move your motorcycle from the North island to South Island or Visa Versa is via the Cook Strait Ferries. There is no bridge or tunnel. The ferry service is also dependant on the weather. Stormy or windy weather can cause ferry cancelations and delays. The trip is around 3 hours long.


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We did get to ride the rest of the Pacific Coast Highway in New Zealand. The first part of the route was around the Coromadel peninsula and discussed in a prevoius article. We started our route from Mount Maunganui in the Bay of Plenty. The ride from Auckland to Mount Maunganui is the subject of another article.

I'm a fair weather rider which means that I take the weather conditions into account before riding. I don't mind weather changing but if there are 2 or 3 of the elements of rain, wind or icy chill likely then it's likely I won't set out to ride unplanned on a spontaneous ride.  If I've not ridden for a while I may brave going out but I do look forward to the warmer days where suiting up to keep warm isn't a drag that somehow detracts from the spontaneity of grabbing a quick opportunity.


So I see that there are some plans for the road North  ~ Approval for ½ of "Holiday Highway" I wish they'd make it an Autobahn! I reckon that would bring the almighty Oz dollar into NZ!

I love riding NZ roads and so far have only done bits of the North Island. I can only really compare the roads to Cape Town which, in my opinion, had good quality roads when I rode a bike there many years back. Auckland and North Island roads seem good quality to me and I enjoy the riding experience on them. 


If you answered yes, you are right AND also wrong. There is more than one Pacific Coast Highway around the world and yes there is one on the coast of California. From information available it is a beautiful and scenic route. Wikipedia says “The Pacific Coast Highway (also called PCH) is one of America's most famous highways (probably second to Route 66)”


The weather app said that Auckland was going to be fine and dandy on Saturday so my mate and myself made plans to hit the Coromandel loop. We got away from the North Shore at about 10am and headed out to Clevedon but took an early exit off the motorway and headed out via Howick in a bit too much traffic for our liking. After a quick fuel stop we headed out from Clevedon and, via an unplanned detour down the aptly named Tourist Road, we reached the coast hugging East Coast Road off to the State Highway 2 that heads out to Thames. From Thames we headed through the twisties of the Coramandel Forest Park ranges to Tairua for a coffee stop. 


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