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It is nearing the end of August in this, the first year I have owned a motorbike for many years.  So as each season unfolds I am relating the process to my newfound biking experience,  much like a pioneer in a strange new land would begin gauging the rhythm and tempo of the weather to understand what the years ahead will unfold in his new home. 

Although I have lived in Auckland for 10 years, until now I have not really been attuned to the weather and took it as it came,  accepting all the old cliches and living a life largely unconcerned about whether tomorrow held rain or shine. But now, as a bike owner,  I am somehow highly observant and in tune with the weather, probably a bit like a cyclist or angler,  whose reward from their passion is either enhanced or reduced by the weather and directly or indirectly affects their plans.b2ap3_thumbnail_1402667223370.jpg

Since getting,  and sharing,  my wife's cruiser in October last year until getting my own Bandit 600 in December,  I finally got my Hayabusa in February this year.  Since October,  I have had endless ideal riding weather around Auckland with one long trip up to Paihia over Easter just after getting my Haya.

Riding has been slowed occasionally by some rainy or gusty spells but then cloudy skies will suddenly part and reveal glorious riding days. This has happened throughout the winter and now we stand at the brink of Spring and despite an icy chill which reminds us that there is still snow on mountains both North and South,  the days are good for riding again. 

Does this mean more frequent commuting (I am a fair weather commuter)?  Well,  I imagine that as soon as Spring daylight savings kicks in there will be incentive to set off for work confident in the fact that if the weather is suitable after work it will yield a good few hours to enjoy the sites and sounds of vibrant,  beautiful Auckland.b2ap3_thumbnail_20140621_172204.jpg