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Oh dear. After a week of some STUNNING, crisp, clear wintery days today Queen's Birthday holiday arrived and with it cloudy Auckland day. I toyed with the idea of hopping on the Busa and taking it for a quick spin but the roads were wet and the air slightly chilly and I somehow just could not feel warm so I simply gave up on the idea. Had my riding mate been a bit more enthusiastic I would probably have joined him but he was presumably in a similar mindset as me and most likely tucked away behind a computer screen next to a heater or fire.


Having said that, I did follow through on plans to play golf with one of mys sons and my two son in laws. Expecting a bit of drizzle I took along my light rain jacket but never never needed it and as we walked to the clubhouse after 9 holes I looked at the weather and, noticing the clearish skies and lack of wind, found myself longing to be on my Busa but sadly the light was fading and again I just felt too cold.

So, for a biking blog, I have to ask for your kind grace and I hope that you have had a brilliant Queen's Birthday break and that you managed to get some riding time in today or at least this weekend. To my credit I did go for a beautiful quick trip on Saturday out to Cnell's at Airport Oaks and came home through Mangere Bridge Village and One Tree Hill on what turned out to be a beautiful day. Perhaps a bit too much traffic but overall a lovely wander.

Well, this is my maiden blog and here's to the future, which I hope will include some links to GoPro shots once I have the budget to get one.

Happy riding Kiwi mates........