wolf classic 1

A cool little "cafe" racer, bought by my son as an entry level LAMS [learner approved mtorcycle] to zoot to gym and maybe the odd commute. The idea is to have a fun ride that he and his wife can learn on and enjoy on a bike he can arrive in style on. He's always wanted a retro looking classic cafe racer that he can tinker on and produce a custom look at an affordable price. A few days after purchase and so far he and the wife are loving learning on it and he has already lowered the handlebars to a low slung position. In addition to the electric start it also has a cool kick-start for the fun of it and an unconventional neutral top gearshift which runs down to top gear at the bottom without moving back thru neutral. My son chose the classic black.

black sym wolf

"SYM is one of the worlds largest manufacturers of motor scooters. Established in 1954, SYM quickly became a brand recognized for its innovation and quality. Honda's CB125 was produced between 1969 and 1985. It was famous for it's extremely durable engine which required merely regular oil changes to last tens of thousands of miles. It was just during this period, that SYM partnered up with Honda. Amongst other bikes and cars, SYM produced the CB for Honda. After SYM and Honda parted ways, SYM kept on developing the CB under their own name "Classic" or "Wolf". Now equipped with a 12V electric system and a 150cc engine, this classic cafe racer can be yours to own."

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