Classic Rumble - Modern Comfort

We popped into a HD dealer to check out an old trade-in which proved to be a dog and when we mentioned my wife had ridden a Suzuki Intruder some years back, the salesman told us to come have a look at another trade-in he had on the floor with low mileage. We fell in love all over again with the shape and sound of this 800cc which, without a backrest or saddlebags, showed off classic lines. I took it for a quick test ride and then took my wife on the back and it handled as well as we remembered the Intruder doing so we left the HD dealer with our '07 Boulevard C50 800cc. I rode it while my wife was getting her confidence back and loved the ease of handling. We did a few town and short runs with her on the back and the bike actually handled even better with the extra weight although my wife isn't heavy.

Seeing my reflection in some glass windows made me realise the bike isn't "small" and has a comfortable thrust when additional acceleration is needed. 

My wife has since got enough confidence and now fully "owns" it as I ride my own bike. She keeps up in all corners and on a recent run with larger HD's and an M109R she did this bike proud by keeping up easily. The bike is beautifully balanced and proving a breeze for her even in tight twisties. She loves the sweeping bends and with her being relatively light, she gets the the most out of the power the bike has on tap when needed on the straight stretches. As I passed her on the motorway recently I heard the sound of the bike and loved it.

We may do a few mods to make the most of the sound but even as it is, this bike is the perfect ride for a lady or a guy building confidence. I have seen some cool versions with backrests and saddlebags and all look nice, alhough for now we like the uncluttered simplicity which somehow makes the lines look very ladylike and classic.

I have seen women riding bigger bikes but my wife is comfortable on this size and that allows her to ride with confidence. HD's and some other brands 800cc will cost more without offering more style, comfort or power. So the premium is simply brand position and the perception of value in my mind. We are now fully brand loyal to this bike and the price allows us some change for riding gear and accessories. I know from the earlier Intruder that this bike is also not mechanically needy and certainly in many ways technologically more advanced than some of the more expensive bikes.

So for my wife and I, the rumble of this classic, yet modern, lady features loud in our biking future. 


One word comes to mind to describe the Suzuki Boulevard C50 - classic. The C50
is a cruiser that offers classic styling, unmatched comfort, and excellent
performance. With kicked out front ends, wide handlebars, smooth suspension, and
well-cushioned seating; Suzuki's design team has the rider's comfort in mind.

The C50 boasts a fuel-injected, 45-degree, V-twin engine that cranks out
805cc that generates abundant torque down low and matched by exciting top-end

The Boulevard C50. Climb aboard a true classic
and kick back and enjoy the timeless style that made riding synonymous with