Fun Everyday

Unlike me, my wife had never ridden a bike and her passion had been stoked by riding pillion on my recently acquired M109R as I decided to get back into the saddle after years off. So her journey began and along with it the search for a suitable starter bike. She is on the short side of average height so we looked for a bike that was easy for her to have both feet on the ground as well as light and manoeuvrable for her license tests. Then, of course, looks are important (obviously she has good taste!) and she fell in love with this little baby on the shop floor.

She has since passed the first stage of her learner license with ease and is now riding confidently on short to medium runs with us and this little baby is proving very capable of keeping up at medium speeds with our bigger bikes. All round, it is proving a perfect bike for its intended purpose of an enjoyable journey into bikehood.

She will jump on it at any opportunity and is even choosing a short commute by bike as opposed to her car when the weather holds up but I have been surprised by my affection for jumping on it for a quick spin to the shops when the process of taking my M109R just seems a bit too much for a short trip. I also love the sudden freedom to fly into corners without all the usual mental calculations needed on bigger, heavier bikes and all the while feeling so safe doing it.

Some months into her journey and she is already starting to plan her next bike, although it will be some time in the license process before she is legally let loose on a 600cc or 800cc that will allow her to ride comfortably on longer trips - but she is still loving her little baby and I think growing too attached to ever let it go. So it may stay in the family as our runaround, commuter or learner for the kids. EIther way, this baby has proved a delight and the perfect dance partner into the world of biking. 

The GN125H is a perennial favourite with riders who want the essence of commuter riding with a dash of 

traditional style.

Fitted with alloy wheels, a comfortable low seat and
an electric-start 4-stroke engine with ample torque for brisk city riding. 
Nimble, agile, with a relaxed riding position, the GN125 is economical and fun
everyday transport.