At over 6 feet tall, I needed a ride that had leg room and comfort for me but could also take the missus on the back when needed, while producing enough power to pass trucks with ease. Not only was the 1200 too small for my legs, I actually found it "heavier" than this bike which I am finding deceptivley nimble on tight take off turns. The open road is a breeze and reminiscent of the cruiser posters with endless roads and freedom riding, while the sweeping corners are exhilarating. I have the maximum size back tyre fitted so the bike wants to straighten in the tight twisting corners but once mastered, the bike holds its own.

Overall, I am loving this choice. Often the bike turns heads and on a recent trip with several Harleys, it didn't go unnoticed that my bike was the most powerful. And, compared to HD's, Triumphs and some other brands, I get to enjoy more raw power, often better handling and modern technology at a price that allows me some change for accessories and gear. Having said that, I have chosen not to pimp the bike as I feel it would detract from the classic black and chrome I chose to best reflect the power of this road beast. I may do a few mods as time progresses but the nice thing about this bike is that it comes stock issue with the attitude befitting this machine.

I am now decidedly brand loyal because this is both a technologically modern, functional piece of auto equipment with great looks that captures totally what I want out of a bike and also embodies the passion and soul of my riding experience be it town, short runs or long, open roads - the future is bright and has the roar , thrust and grunt of an M109R... 

The Boulevard M109R is the most powerful cruiser Suzuki has ever produced. The stunning liquid-cooled 1783cc V-Twin engine featuring four valves per cylinder and SDTV digital fuel injection gives you all the power you need, when you need it.

The M109R means business in every way – with crisp handling, thanks to a technically advanced chassis and suspension, 19.5 litre fuel tank and massively beefy 240-section rear tyre (the widest ever used on a Suzuki motorcycle) sit seamlessly within its long, sleek flowing lines. The innovative styling is enhanced even further by the lustrous deep chrome finish. 

From the moment you unleash the Boulevard M109R, you'll experience ultimate freedom.